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February 19, 2020

Did You Know?


are scheduled through Washington State's coordinating entity, currently ULS and formerly CTS LanguageLink. The contract performance reports and fill rate by language and by county are posted on HCA’s website


July 2019                  $41.00

July 2018                  $39.76

July 2017                  $38.50

July 2016                  $38.00

July 2015                  $37.10

July 2014                  $32.50
July 2013                  $32.00
July 2012                  $31.50
July 2011                  $30.00

        2010                  $21.00


SFY2018                    406,007

SFY2017                    383,583

SFY2016                    359,750

SFY2015                     327,737

SFY2014                     282,636

SFY2013                     228,561

SFY2012                     201,576
SFY2011                     196,000


SFY2016                 15,836

SFY2015                 16,782

SFY2014                  15,943

SFY2013                  15,556

SFY2012                  10,234

SFY2011                  17,700

 HCA (Medicaid) BUDGET

Jul 2013/Jun 2015             $25.1M

Jul 2011/Jun 2013             $18.1M

Jul 2009/Jun 2011             $23.0M

A modified procurement model began on July 1, 2011

The coordinating entity procurement model began on September 24, 2012.

The new coordinating entity, ULS took over the contract on July 1, 2018.

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Connecting Worlds

The world of the translator and the world of the interpreter are two professions dedicated to one goal: facilitating communication between people. As the world becomes more integrated, fostering understanding between the multitude of speakers is more critical than ever. Whether it is in writing or in speech. Interpreters and translators are at the junction point that impacts the development of business, science, medicine, technology, international law, politics and a host of other areas. We provide the ability for each of these worlds to learn from each other to the benefit of society as a whole. The role of translators and interpreters in connecting worlds is to open up the whole world to all of us.

2016 International Translator Day Theme, FIT-IFT

Jan 19, 2015
There is a ‘business case’ to be made for the implementation of professional and coordinated interpretation services in the public services sector such as health care,  legal proceedings, educational settings and social welfare programs. services.
Download: Costs_of_Not_Providing_Interpretation in Health Care (Canada).pdf

Sep 15, 2014
According to a study published in 2013 by the Migration Policy Institute, there are about 500,000 limited English proficient individuals living in Washington State. These people come in contact with government services all the time: at school, in court, at the hospital, etc. Government agencies can contract with interpreters directly or through a language services company.
Download: Interpreter Services for Medicaid Patients_RecommendationsforWorkingwithMedical Interpreters-FINAL.pdf , Filled Rates before & after mileage.pdf , DSHS Certifications Per Year.pdf , SFY 2015 Requests by County Filled Rates Bar Chart.pdf , SFY 2015 Requests by County Statewide Table.pdf , SFY 2015 Filled Rates by County & Language Table.pdf , SFY 2015 Requests by Counties & Language WA.pdf , Paid Appts & Hourly Rates.pdf , 2010-16 PROCUREMENT REFORM IN WA Medicaid Interpreter Services.pdf , 2016-01-20 UMC Mtg Unfilled Rates.pdf , HCA Requests Canceled No Shows 2013 2014 2015 calendar years.pdf , SFY 2015 Filled Rates by Language Table.pdf , HCA-CTS K618 Service Area 1 2012-07-24.pdf , 2014-04 to 2016-03 Complaints about interpreters.pdf , Review WA Medicaid IS May 2017 Interpreters United.pdf , 2019-09-05 Report on Implementation of SB6245.pdf

May 21, 2014
Language Access as a Civil Right WASCLA'S Tools For Health
Nov 21, 2011
Do I need an interpreter or a translator? How many interpreters do I need? How do interpreters do it? How do I work with an interpreter? Find the answers to these questions and many others in this section.
Sep 22, 2011
In Washington State, whenever possible, the Health Care Authority (HCA) and the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) are mandated to use WA state certified or authorized interpreters at DSHS and Medicaid enrollee appointments.
Download: Certifications per year TABLE.xlsx

Feb 23, 2014
Get an idea of what the marketplace looks like for WA State interpreters.
Download: Natally Kelly ia_csa_interpreting_marketplace_study.pdf , OFM Report InterpreterServices Mar 2013.pdf , King County Interpreter Services Proviso Response Report 2014-06-30.pdf

Oct 27, 2011
Washington State interpreters are lucky to have many resources here in our state to increase our professional knowledge and skills.
Feb 01, 2013
What's happening with telephonic and video remote interpreting at medical Medicaid and DSHS appointments in Washington State?
Sep 04, 2012
Are you interested in advocating for our professional development and training? 
Jul 09, 2012
Some Errors & Omissions Insurance Policies reimburse for License Protection Costs incurred by the insured in the investigation and defense of disciplinary and license review proceedings against the interpreter as a result of complaints asserted against the insured during the policy period by or before any federal, state, or local governmental, quasi-governmental, regulatory, licensing, or professional agency, body, authority, association, or organization that deals with the professional conduct of the insured in the business of Translating and/or Interpreting.
Mar 25, 2010
Below are relevant links of interest to medical and social service interpreters.  Information specifically related to certification and training opportunities are listed on our website here.
Apr 30, 2014
Red Cross Language Bank The Language Bank is always recruiting volunteers. We look for people who have strong communication skills in English and at least one other language. The volunteer intake process includes an information session, an individual interview, and the Language Bank Orientation and Training session. For more information or to start the process, please visithttp://www.redcross.

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