What is our union dues return on investment?
Updated On: Jul 14, 2020

Union Membership is the best investment interpreters can make!

  • Since Interpreters United/WFSE first started negotiating our contract, interpreters’ hourly pay rates have nearly doubled.

  • Before our first union contract in 2010, our hourly rate was $21/hr. By 2020, our hourly pay rate was $41/hr., an increase of $20 over 10 years. As of July 1, 2020, our hourly pay is $42.20!

  • Meanwhile, the cost of union dues during this same time period has only gone up by a total of 30 cents per hour, from 32 cents in 2010, to 62 cents today, a mere 30 cent cost increase!

  • Bottom line, interpreters pay a maximum of 62 cents per hour in union dues, in order to win an extra $20 in their hourly pay rate. This equals a Return On Investment (ROI) of 3,200% over 10 years (ROI formula = $20 dollars per hour increase to our negotiated hourly pay rate, ÷ by 62 cents maximum hourly cost of union dues, x by 100%).

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