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December 09, 2019

Did You Know?


are scheduled through Washington State's coordinating entity, currently ULS and formerly CTS LanguageLink. The contract performance reports and fill rate by language and by county are posted on HCA’s website


July 2019                  $41.00

July 2018                  $39.76

July 2017                  $38.50

July 2016                  $38.00

July 2015                  $37.10

July 2014                  $32.50
July 2013                  $32.00
July 2012                  $31.50
July 2011                  $30.00

        2010                  $21.00


SFY2018                    406,007

SFY2017                    383,583

SFY2016                    359,750

SFY2015                     327,737

SFY2014                     282,636

SFY2013                     228,561

SFY2012                     201,576
SFY2011                     196,000


SFY2016                 15,836

SFY2015                 16,782

SFY2014                  15,943

SFY2013                  15,556

SFY2012                  10,234

SFY2011                  17,700

 HCA (Medicaid) BUDGET

Jul 2013/Jun 2015             $25.1M

Jul 2011/Jun 2013             $18.1M

Jul 2009/Jun 2011             $23.0M

A modified procurement model began on July 1, 2011

The coordinating entity procurement model began on September 24, 2012.

The new coordinating entity, ULS took over the contract on July 1, 2018.

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Timeline For Winning Our Union Contract
Updated On: Nov 18, 2019

Like other state employees, Medical and Social Service interpreters collectively bargain a two-year union contract with the State on even years. Our biannual union contracts run from July 1st to June 30th of odd years. 

1.     Our Bargaining Team begins meeting in Winter 2020 for training.

2.     Our Bargaining Team designs a survey for our members asking about what the issues they would like the team to address during negotiations.

3.     Negotiations with the State for the 2021-23 union contract begin in Spring 2020. 

4.     Negotiations with the State end by the end of July 2020.

5.     By August 2020, our Bargaining Team reaches a Tentative Agreement with the State and submits it to our Local 1671 membership for ratification. Members vote yes or no on the contract.

6.     On October 1st 2020, after the membership ratifies the proposed Tentative Agreement, we submit our proposed union contract to WA State's Legislature.

7.     During the following legislative session that begins in January of 2021, the Legislature will vote yes or no to approve the Tentative Agreement.

8.     Once approved by the Legislature, the newly bargained contract will go into effect on July 1, 2021.

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